Rotary Gear Limit Switch

Rotary Gear Limit Switch is basically consists of heavy duty worm gear drive. The worm gear unit is built in a cast housing fitted on main body of Limit Switch. The cam shaft which extends from behind the gear in to housing, accommodates the cams adjustable actuators which are fitted on the cams. These actuators strikes the contact finger of respective contacts.

  • Body material : Aluminum die cast

  • Degree of Protection : IP-55

  • Gear Rations : 1:48, 1:60

  • Drive : Worm Drive

  • Cable entry : 3/4 conduit

  • Rated Voltage Insulation : 500 V A.C.

  • Thermal Test Current : 10/40 Amps

  • No. of Contacts : 2, 4, 6 Maximum