3 Phase DSL Indicating Lamp

Bus-bar 3 Phase power indication approach towards Crane Bus-bar 3 Phase power indication for overhead cranes. It is avibration-resistant. Solid-state LED based unit which provides along maintenance free operating life.

  • Extremely low power consumption of <5 Watts / Phase.

  • Use of ultra-bright LED for Omni directional view from long distances.

  • Clear indication of phase energized status of supply on the adjacent bus-bar.

  • So there is no confusion to plant personal.

  • Low cost replacement of incandescent lamps which are generally used for this application.

Operation Temperature Operating Power Supply Voltage Color
20° to + 85° C (optional on demand) 4.5 Watts / Phase 4 Terminal wiring with one common Neutral and three-phase wiring Optional RYB or RYG