• Overhead Cranes & Port Cranes

  • To Electrify many mobile equipments.

  • Any other material handling equipments.

C Rail Festoon System

Festoon system are used to manage electrical cable on over head cranes for transmission of power & control cables. They are low resistance method for distributing power to hoists, cranes, trolleys and any number of different types of moving equipment.

  • Fixed end Junction Box

  • Terminal Strips (Inside Junction Box)

  • Cable Connection

  • End Clamp

  • Track hanger clamp assemble

  • Intermediate Trolley

  • Cross arm support channels

  • Beam clamp (For cross arm support channels)

  • C-Track channel

  • Control Unit Trolley with J-Box or Quick Disconnect Control Unit Trolley (Not Shown)

  • Track Joint Assembly

  • Pendant Cable

  • Tow Arm

  • Tow Trolley

  • Flat PVC Cable

  • End Stop


  • Light Weighted

  • Less Friction & Smooth Motion

  • Simple & Safe Installation

Square Clamps

Hanger Clamp

Track Couplers

Towing Trolley

Mounting Angle

Master Trolley

Steel Trolley


Fully Plastic Trolley (MS Bearing)

Powder Coated Steel Trolley

Fully Plastic Trolley (Plastic Bering)