Model No. SRP CC—01
Current Collector (6oAmps to 125Amps)

Model No. SRP CC—03
Current Collector (250Amps to 4OOAmps)

  • Current collector is capable of moving on railcar, Over head traveler and tower

  • Our current collector fulfill all requirements of our Detailed analysis and research is done.

  • Our entire range is corrosion resistant and provide ling lasting performance.

  • 100% parts are manufactured using premium quality components and high technology.

  • We are leading manufacturer in all over

  • Manufacturer of current collector, current collector head, copper shoes of current collector.

  • Also available as spare.


  • Easy and Safe to Connect

  • Top Quality

  • Economical Prices

  • High Strength

  • Better Performance

  • Compact Size

  • Good Control

  • Power Efficient

  • Touch Proof

  • Safe to Handle